Accept Resumes in All Formats

Accept All Formats of Resumes

Our recruitment software accepts resume attachments in all possible formats such as doc, docx, text, rtf, odt, html, pdf. Instead of having to convert all documents to either Word or a PDF, our resume management software accepts all formats, which saves recruiters and employers great deals of time, allowing them to spend more time actually evaluating the prospects.

Different Resume Formats

There are many different resume formats and attachments which you will receive. You need to have them forwarded to your Recruitment business automation solution in workable, searchable formats. Obviously, you don't want to force applicants to convert documents to the necessary file format as it creates an unnecessary barrier to entry for otherwise qualified applicants. This inconvenience is now handled entirely by our resume management software, rather than by the recruiter or the applicant.


Our recruitment business automation solution accepts attachments in any format and converts it into a candidate profile, while preserving the original attachment for download when you need it. It accepts all popular formats such as doc, docx, text, rtf, odt, html, pdf, and can convert each type into a searchable document that will be available in the database for you to peruse at your leisure.

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