Collect Resumes from Email Attachments

Way2jobz Email to Resume Converter

With Every client or customer can configure an email in Way2jobz to receive resumes for your requirements. The email is automatically converted to a resume and stored under your user database with attachments classified as resume and cover letter based on intelligent reading of the content or attachment.Our online recruiting management software also stores the contents of the email's text. If the email has multiple attachments, Way2jobz automatically tries to pick the most sensible attachment as the resume, and stores the remaining attachments (e.g. a cover letter) as documents associated with this candidate.

Email is the most convenient way to apply for Jobs

However automated your recruitment process, with job posting in every leading job portals, you will probably still receive some applications in your email. Unfortunately, most recruitment software does not recognize this. You are forced to open each email, download the attached resume and then add it to the Applicant Tracking System. This is tedious and a waste of time, so we've designed our recruiting management software to help you out with that.

Difficult to route your resumes?

Any business emails, you can set up rules to auto-forward resume-containing emails to your unique Way2jobz email address. Gmail & Google-Apps also have "filters" which can be used to achieve the same result. Once you have set up the auto-forward via our recruiting application software, you will no longer have a pile of resumes waiting to be sorted through in your email. Also, you don't have to worry about lost applications and untraceable applicants.

Collect Resumes from Email Attachments

Simply forward emails to Way2jobz, where we automatically create a candidate profile from the email using our state of the art recruiting software.

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