Create and Delegate Tasks

Create and Delegate Tasks

The Recruitment Software allows you to create and assign tasks such as interviews and screening, for anyone on the team, and reminds you to complete them.

Create and Assign Tasks

While reviewing candidate profiles, Way2jobz provides you a "To-Do" option on the candidate profile page, where you can add tasks such as interviews and assign them to folks that are responsible for this particular opening. It is remarkably intuitive recruitment business automation solution because it allows you to engage in every function you'll need to successfully streamline your candidate recruitment process.

Share Responsibilities and Hire Faster

There are several tasks that need to be done to move candidates through your recruitment process. People are responsible for these different tasks. Way2jobz ensures that you can assign tasks on a candidate level to every member of your team, and the system reminds them to complete this task at the right time. Rather than having to follow up with email after email, the recruiting software itself will take care of the reminders, once again allowing you to engage in higher level thinking while the inanimate software takes care of the grunt work.

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