Powerful Search within Candidate Profile

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When your database is growing and you are hiring for multiple positions, it becomes important to quickly get to the information you are looking for. Our applicant tracking search features allow you to pull up any candidate by any word within their resume or feedback. If you just wanted to draw up a search of all candidates who worked at Cognizant for example, then you'd simply have to search the word "Cognizant" and our online recruiting software would pull up the requisite material. This is not done at real time or run time but it is pre-computed and kept so your entire speed at which we retrieve information is unparallel.
We are building the SemCoMl a proprietary Semantic, Cognitive, Machine Language based search engine which is the first of its kind in the entire universe. Which fetches the dark matter of resumes, that might have the capability but not listed in the keyword you are searching for. Again coupled with the precomputed logic of search engine majors we will be the fastest and most versatile search capability.

Don't Depend on Your Memory

While the recruitment software is meant for you to organize your applicants into openings and stages, it is difficult to know where to look for a certain record or person. The search feature is universal and can help you look for anything like 'Delhi' or 'Dot Net.' You might have minimum context on what you are looking for - and will still find it easily. By using online recruiting software rather than a file storage room full of paper, you'll be able to use all the powerful search tools that you've grown used to in the electronic age. Why waste your time, when you could be using a simple resume management tool that will save you hours upon hours, and allow you to efficiently sift through hundreds of resumes in the blink of an eye?

Powerful Search within Candidate Profile

Our recruitment software allows you to search by any word within the text of the resume or any notes made on the candidate profile. If you want to quickly reference which school the candidate went to for undergraduate studies, our recruiting software can help you out immediately.

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