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Way2jobz Recruit is an ATS which has been designed to manage the entire recruitment cycle of job creation to candidate finalization with minimum human intervention. Product works for direct employers, staffing companies and permanent placement agencies.

Applicant Tracking System

Automatic creation of resume database as you view them from job portals or social networking website. Import resumes on emails and on your computer in a click.Perform search on your centralized database. Ability to perform simple keyword search as well as boolean search on fields entered and entire word resume.

Integrated with all Resume Sources

Import resumes from third party job portals, social networking website, emails, suppliers, internal employee referrals and resumes on your computer. Almost zero data entry.

Create your Private Resume Database

Build your database of resumes from all sources. Save your knowledge and reduce portal cost by reusing your own database.

Search Resumes from Your Private Database

Search resumes from your private database the way you search resumes on job portals. Save searches and search within search result.

Create Workflows

Implement different workflows for different jobs. Define TAT for each workflow and monitor your process efficiency.

Automated Emails to All Stakeholders

Automated emails are sent on various events to all stakeholders i.e., candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, customers, suppliers.

Dashboard, Reports and Customized Reports

View team/user-level dashboard of activities. Various reports to track performance, activities, revenue, usage, etc. Define custom reports on-the-fly.

User-level Roles and Rights

Define custom roles and provide rights at a role-level or at user-level. IP based login access provides higher level of security.

Manage Third Party Suppliers

Avoid data entry by allowing all suppliers to submit resume to your centralized database. Duplication will be identified and supplier performance will be tracked.

Invoice, Revenue and Tax Management

Generate invoice for placements, manage payments, TDS and guarantee replacements on a click.

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Contact Us

Finix Info Solution Pvt ltd.

 No.49,Bazaar Road,

   Sadhasivam Nagar,
      Madipakam ,Chennai, India.

  Phone : (044) 4860-0240


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